R2 Creative Studio is a young ad agency offering websites, video, media and marketing tools. We are a collection of entrepreneurs who work together for one common goal: to give small businesses, artists and creators the tools they need to succeed and compete in the modern internet age. We invest time getting to know your business and what will work best for you – we offer an array of options and ideas to help your business. Then, choose the tools that are the most essential to your business or new idea.


DUSTIN ROURKE – Art Direction & Web Development

Dustin has over ten years experience in design, branding and photography, starting his first photography studio when he was still in High School. He won multiple top design and copy awards from the Michigan and Columbia Interscholastic Press Associations. He has worked with art galleries throughout Los Angeles, co-curating and designing marketing materials for over 30 fine art exhibitions, facilitating sales and acquiring new artists works. Dustin fell into WordPress web development when he created Firestarter Magazine in 2008 to cover culture and society in West Los Angeles and has been creating websites ever since.


CHELSEA RUMMEL – Accounts, Nashville

Chelsea graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Marketing and Communications concentration from Central Michigan University. She also attended John Cabot University in Rome, Italy after receiving her degree, where she studied the Italian language and international media. Upon returning, she worked as the restaurant manager and event coordinator for a Country Club in Michigan, where her responsibilities included marketing and promotional efforts. During her time there, she was able to help the restaurant attract new clientele and retain existing clientele through their membership base, as well as rebranding efforts for a more cohesive look to marketing materials. Chelsea interned and now works with Nissan North American at their Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee in Production Ordering, and is laying the groundwork for R2 in Nashville and the Southern United States.


JOSH FITE – Video Production

Josh obtained his B.A. in Communications from Oakland University in 2012. While working diligently enough to earn academic honors and recognition on the Dean’s List, he also pursued his interests in acting, writing, and creating visual media. These interests guided him towards a career in local video and filmmaking. Josh has now teamed up with R2 to help the underserved small business market, while also exercising his ability as a visual storyteller through video. Josh works closely with our web designer to ensure that videos are cohesive with the style and functionality of the website.