“the WAR of ART” by Steven Pressfield

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Books, Creative


Stop what you are doing right now and put “the WAR of ART” at the top of your ‘books to read’ list. In fact, I’m not over exaggerating in the least bit when I say: Go out and buy this book right now. For all of us who need that helpful reminder – or kick in the ass, as the cover so matter-of-factly states, this is the book to do just that. There are a million different reasons for procrastination, or resistance, in Pressfield’s words – but let’s make a toast right here, right now: Here’s to today being the last day we let resistance get in the way of our dreams, ambitions, goals, plans, desires, objectives and passions. Today, let’s start writing book number one, let’s go back to school, let’s learn how to play guitar or start a business… because we’ve already let so much time pass us by.

Oh, and go pick up “the WAR of ART.” You’ll read it in a single day, and be so thankful you did. BUY THE BOOK ON AMAZON!