Jane of Arc Releases Album Freedom in Falling

Posted by on Apr 29, 2014 in Clients, Creative, Design, Press, Websites

Creating R2 meant creating a community of people that were there to help other people trying to make their ideas, concepts and dreams a reality. I have been friends with Chelsea Carter since the first day of middle school and we are in an everlasting friendship. Chelsea is the type of person who does what she is passionate about and has contributed more to the artistic and performing arts community than I have. Not only does she work full time as a dance instructor, but she also has a band: Jane of Arc.

Today, they released their first full-length album and I could not be more proud of Chelsea.

JOA2Chelsea first brought me into the Jane of Arc collaboration late summer 2013 to design an emblem for them. We sat on my wrap around front porch, light fading in the distance and she descirbed to me what she wanted and I was able to design it right then and there. (Disclosure: this is not always the case – it was quite amazing though!)

We then started collaborating on a website. She knew the style she wanted and I went to work. I built the Jane of Arc website on the WordPress platform using the Muse theme. Certain elements of the theme were customized for Jane of Arc and styling and initial slideshow design was done by R2. Because Chelsea was able to convey her vision for the website so clearly and with passion, delivery was quick.

From the onset I knew they would be handing all further updates on the site, Jane of Arc band-mate Elida Quesada has an extensive tech background and has since grown the website to what it is today – BEAUTIFUL. I don’t gush much, but just go through their slideshow, that is all Elida (+ the incredible artist who created the JOA “Freedom in Falling” album artwork).


We could not be more happy for Chelsea, Elida and everyone involved in making the Jane of Arc album – congrats & cheers!

Jane of Arc - Freedom in Falling - Buy on iTunes