The Font of all Fonts: Didot

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Typography

didotSimple, yet eloquent. Tasteful. Spot on. This font says it all without having to lift a finger. It has a natural design element that allows for stand-alone text to look like it was strategically manipulated to look just that way. Turn all of your documents into documents that demand attention, just through the use of Didot. My resume is all Didot, and when I can spice things up at work by straying away from Verdana, Didot is my go to man. And as surprising as this may be, Didot is simply a standard font that comes installed in Microsoft. Am I tad infatuated with this font, yes, but there’s no shame. I enjoy the little pleasures beautiful fonts offer.

Comic Sans is the Devil

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Typography

Comic Sans Devil 1

By all means, if a client truly, 100%, has a deep down love of Comic Sans, we at R2 would certainly possibly use this font. However, as a designer, I loathe this over used type. There is a difference between classic fonts and this circus act. Plus, you can now replace Comic Sans with a lot of free (much better looking) fonts!