Financial Etc Logo-Color-2The Financial Etc. website was built to be a simple and easy way to introduce Financial Advisor, Michael Bommarito to new clients. We worked with Mike to create a new logo and continue rebranding efforts through consulting with him on social media and email marketing campaigns. The viewer is greeted with a slideshow with personal images from the R2 collection that show a personal side to the financial world, while offering potential clients buttons on each slide to read more about a service. The website had be approved through FINRA, so it is simple and does not try to oversell it’s financial products, simply present them in a clean, easy to read format.


Our client wished to convey his company’s financial goals quickly and efficiently. Though he was already equipped with an illustrative document that laid out the financial processes, he understood the reality–customer’s attention-spans are becoming increasingly short because of the constant barrage of information made available by smart phones and tablets.

So, transmitting his information in a pleasing (and painless) manner, while grabbing the attention of the potential client became our goal.

We took the already-existing information and created our version of the document, a document complete with a musical track and subtle animation that should keep the viewer interested throughout the duration.

VIDEO BY: Josh Fite

VIDEO BY: Josh Fite

Financial Etc. MI Website