Our client — Monthlyfundraiser.org — needed to explain their complex operation in relatively simple terms and introduce the face of the organization. So, we immediately thought video was our best method.

Our goal was to show clearly how organization members can save money, while simultaneously introducing Joe in an inviting manner.

We emphasized simplicity throughout the entire video. We placed Joe in a tight frame, and used simple close-ups to give the appearance that he was holding a simple conversation with the viewer. We had to consider the audience’s screen size while viewing, so we decided to frame him just a bit tighter than the commonly used framing in similar videos.

Direction for Joe was simple–hold a conversation with your audience. We recognized Joe’s natural gift of gab, so we allowed him to speak freely and improvise when necessary.

As for the motion graphics, again, simplicity and timing were key.

We believe that because we were unobtrusive in our production practices, we were able to adequately showcase Joe and his system for raising money for well-intentioned organizations.