Video by: Josh Fite

Our Goal(s) #Slapsquare is a simple party game that is easy to learn–and extremely enjoyable to play. And because of the nature of most drinking games, we were tasked with accomplishing two goals–show how (in a simple manner) the game works, and show how entertaining the game can be. To accomplish these needs, we placed the visual emphasis on the players and the board. By using a simple lighting scheme, the audience was able to direct their focus on the interaction between the players and the game. By using kinetic text for the rules, we were able to keep the audience engaged while still transmitting the necessary information. The shot selection and editing fell in line with the goals listed above. Our edits were extremely fast, and the music was bright and simple, allowing the focus to remain on the all-important visuals. Also, we relied on humor to transmit our intended message — because a drinking game should be fun, and the video used to market the game should follow suit.