Every small business needs quality visual media. At R2, we give you that media. We make sure you can afford it – we keep our overhead low, because good advertising should not be expensive.

Our digital media is incredibly affordable and is a sustainable means of marketing in today’s technology driven world.

So what do we do?


We Provide the Website

Every company and individual trying to promote, distribute or sell anything needs a website. The website serves as a virtual storefront and needs to be functional and practical while retaining a sense of aesthetic relevance. Our websites seek to fully meet the clients expectation and we offer on-going support and/or training on how to update certain aspects of the website on their own. Our websites are built on the WordPress platform, which means they are responsive to various devices, such as tablets and smartphones, as well as your computer.

We Provide the Video Content

This serves as the initial point of contact for any small business, especially when a potential customer looks for them online. Think of video content as the spearhead of any strong marketing strategy. It seeks to engage the audience, distribute your message, then brand you with pleasing and effective aesthetics–It is your first impression. And video is versatile, it can be distributed through email and placed on social media.


It’s really quite simple: to compete, you need a strong web presence – this web + video bundle is extremely valuable to just about anyone.

R2 provides an affordable opportunity where good form and function meet.

Don’t need both? Cool. We offer our services individually and can also provide print and digital media design.

Learn more about who we are or contact us through our online contact form and browse our expanding portfolio today!